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September 28, 2020


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Sustainable Flexi-Biogas you ask..?

1 min read
  • Sustainable Affordable Energy

    • Cleanest
    • greenest
    • most affordable
    • True Blue – pure energy
  • Sustainable & Scalable 

    • User Training
    • Take part in our farm site visit here and learn more

    • 24/7 Technical Support
    • Support via mobile phone and email
    • Support Troubleshooting
  • No Cow Needed 

    • Anything Bio-degradable goes
    • Only system that runs on 100% chicken poop
    • Animal waste, Garden weeds, Kitchen and market waste,
    • Water hyacinth, Mathenge ..etc
  • Efficiency Unmatched 

    • 20 – 25 kg of feed stock
    • dung from a single cow supports the typical 4-6 member homestead
    • all the daily cooking including 3 hours of Githeri
    • True Blue -No wastage
  • Bio-sanitation Toilets 

    • clean hygienic solution
    • utilised for hot water systems
    • use for tree planting programs
    • on-site assemble in only a few minutes

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