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September 20, 2020


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Your Solution for an Advanced Crop Yield, Amiran Hybrid Seed

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Seeds represent the beginning of life for a plant and its quality plays a crucial determining factor on yield and quality of the crop’s production. Thanks to Amiran’s partnership with world leading Seed Companies such as Hazera Genetics, innovation and technology has been brought to Kenyan and East African farmers through high quality seeds that counter challenges faced in the ever changing farming world.

Introduced into the Kenya market in 2006, Amiran’s Hybrid Seed varieties are as a result of the deliberate crossing of two different parent varieties from the same species. Breeders begin by crossing two distinct parents of the same species in order to combine the best traits from each parent which forms the first filial generation also known as F-1.

“Superior genetic material enables the hybrid varieties to have excellent diseases resistances which make it possible for farmers to produce healthy crops in times when Open Pollinated Varieties (OPVs) pose a challenge. With the F-1 seeds, the post harvest losses usually incurred by the farmers are drastically reduced due to the high fruit keeping quality that also ensures the produce reaches the Market place in the desirable state. In addition, early maturity of the Amiran hybrid varieties reduces farm operational costs hence increasing the farmer’s net revenue.  The adaptability to variable climatic conditions makes the hybrids suitable across a wide section. Most hybrids can be cultivated throughout the year irrespective of the season, “explains Douglas Mwikya, Amiran’s Seed Technical Support Agronomist.

Tomato Hybrid Varieties

The deep red color and tongy-sweet taste of the tomato is quite a delicacy in Kenyan meals and salads and though a number of farmers are growing the product there is still a high demand for the product. Amiran’s Tomato Hybrid Varieties in the Kenyan Market are;

  • Shanty F-1 Improved- For Open Field Production
  • Galilea F-1 Improved- For Opne Field Production
  • Corazon F-1 (Oval Shape)– For Greenhouse Production
  • Eva F-1 (Oval Shape)- For Greenhouse Production
  • Yaara (Round Shape)- For Greenhouse Production

The advantages of the above hybrid varieties compared to non-hybrid are;

  • Extended Shelf life
  • Fruit uniformity
  • High yield
  • Disease resistance
  • Heat Resistance


“It is important for farmers to know that for hybrids, flower setting is high. In addition, for hybrids there are; the determinate and the semi determinate varieties. The inter-determinate varieties give extended production and result into high yields. They can be grown in the greenhouse and also on open fields. The Shanty F-1 Variety Improved can be grown during rainy season as it is able to withstand the harsh weather”, advices Zipporah Mweni, Deputy Seeds Manager, Amiran Kenya.

Other Amiran hybrid tomato varieties have six key resistances;

  • Verticilium Wilt
  • Fusarium Wilt Race
  • Nematodes
  • Tobacco Mosaic Virus
  • Bacterial Speck
  • Tomato Yellow Leaf Virus

“The expected yields per acre are between 20 and 25 tonnes with some farmers getting as low as 15 to 20 tonnes.  The Open Pollinated or non-hybrids will give 10 to 12 tonnes. The hybrid variety bears more per unit area as compared to the non-hybrids. With a strong support system of Agronomic Services offered by Amiran, tomato farmers can comfortably achieve the optimum yields”, states Zipporah.

Onion Hybrid Varieties

Onions are endlessly versatile and an essential ingredient in countless recipes for their appetizing aroma and a baseline of sweet and earthly flavor. Most farmers are tapping into the growing onion business by

by investing in onion seed varieties  that are high yielding, colorful, have an excellent shelf life and are resistant to diseases.

Amiran onion seed varieties are;

  • Neptune F1- Firm Shining red bulbs
  • Russet F1- Very Firm, red flesh color
  • Sivan F1- Pink Flesh

The advantages of the hybrid onions verse the non hybrids which are like Bombay Red or Red Crème includes;

1)  Early Maturity

2)  Uniform Bulbs

3)  Extended Shelf life

4) Better Pungency

5) Drought Resistances

6) Disease Resistance- Pink Root disease

7) Improved color and shape

In three months an acre of Hybrid bulb onions could give an income of Ksh. 800,000. After three months of transplanting the onions it can produce a yield of 20,000kgs bulb. 1kg of onions at the market price goes for Ksh. 40 i.e 20,000kgs * Ksh. 40 = Ksh. 800,000 minus average cost of production which is Ksh. 150,000 per Acre = Ksh. 650,000 Net Income.

With the ever changing climatic conditions, farmers have been challenged to modernize their farming with products that shield them by working against the harsh climatic conditions. Hybrids are benchmarks on which African farmers can use to ensure that their farms minimize the risks and uncertainties associated with the industry. As the human population continues to grow, so has Amiran put in place improved systems to ensure our parents, children, friends and the community at large is well fed people. It is without doubt that hybrids will compliment the company’s efforts in irrigation, pest and disease controls to ensure Africa is a leading force to reckon with in all areas of the agricultural industry.

Contact Amiran for more details on all our hybrid seeds and to know how you can purchase your seeds or fill in your inquiry below:

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