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September 21, 2020


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Simple seed selection guide : Agribusiness venture start up article 3

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Seed selection is one of the most important decisions to be made in the production process. This is because all the produce realized depends on the seed selected. Cost should not be the main consideration when choosing or selecting a seed.
First of all we have to know the two broad categories that seeds are grouped into; Open Pollinated Varieties (OPV) and F1 Hybrid. OPV are pollinated naturally by wind or insects and their seed can be grown again to produce nearly identical plant to the parent plant. On the other hand F1 Hybrid has controlled pollination due to the scientific techniques used by professional breeders. These crops usually have consistency in size, appearance and other desirable characteristics like tolerance or resistance to certain conditions, say pests or weather conditions.

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A farmer should always choose clean seed varieties that are treated and satisfied by the agriculture authorities, like in Kenya by Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) or any other authorised body.
One should learn the profile of each specific seed available to determine the most desirable and one that will best suit the climate of the region to be planted in. The profile may include things like climatic requirements, soil requirement, time taken in nursery/field, the spacing, major pests and diseases, shelf life among many others.
Attention to the tastes and preferences of the target customer is another important consideration to be put in place.
After all the important current factors are carefully analysed a gross margin analysis is conducted to estimate on the cost to be incurred as well as the expected yield. The difference obtained shows the profit to be realised. This serves as a guide on the seed that gives the best/highest profit.
Another important aspect is to consult an agriculture specialist for technical information that is vital to help make the best selection.
By now the farmer has the best seed that meet the set goals to be achieved.

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