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September 19, 2020


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Professional vegetable seedlings Raisers, where do you source your seedlings?

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Grace Rock Farms is a supplier of young vegetable seedlings and selected fruit seedlings to both the small holder farmer and the large grower in Kenya.

Our aim is to supply our customers with the highest quality seedlings, delivered when and where required, and supported with our excellent presentation material. This is achieved with our excellent packaging and labeling together with an arranged delivery throughout Kenya using well established courier service providers.

Grace Rock Farms  was established in  2012.We are based in Rironi, Limuru, approx. 26  kilometers, from Nairobi along Nakuru Highway .We originally started operations with 1 employees and one 210 square meter propagation unit. Today Grace Rock Farms employs 5 people and 1 manager and has propagation units totaling over 420 square meters with a capacity of growing 2 million seedlings per annum. In addition Grace Rock Farms has demonstration plots / greenhouses to demonstrate suitability of the plants.

We also have a 1 acre strawberry farm that is used for training and demonstration on strawberry farming.

Grace rock Farms trains Farmers on basic professional good farming practices. Your farm worker can be trained for 2 weeks in house with practical on all basic activities for both green house management and open farm. Modern technologies with drip irrigation systems are used.

Strategic plans and profitability models can be developed for farming/ agribusiness enterprises on a consultancy basis. We also do farm management and provide trained farm workers on request.

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Farm Tours are also done on Thursdays and Saturday mornings with appointments

Our skill base is both deep and wide and we pride ourselves in being able to maintain a high level of customer care and knowledge. We are committed to driving our business forward and building strong and lasting relations with our customers


We specialize in producing strong healthy seedlings of:

(Price is per seedling in ksh)


Ana F1    sh 12

Tylika F1 sh 12

Asila      sh 12

Chonto,  Bravo, Eva , Samantha  sh 18


Many other variety on order
Cabbages ( many varieties ) sh 3
Cauliflower  – Safari variety sh 3
Broccoli – Heritage Variety sh 3

Spinach  sh 2

Kales  sh 2


Mint, oregano, thyme, fennel , basil, parsley  , many others  – different pricing

Capsicum ( Red ,  Yellow and Green  )

Red Knight  sh 18

Admiral  sh 12

Commandant  sh 12

Paserela / Iranga  sh 18

Green capsicum  sh 8
Onions ( price depend of variety on order)
Cucurbits   sh 18


And many others
Selected Fruits  seedlings

Strawberry  (Chandler  variety) splits    sh 30

Pepino Melon    sh 80

 Own seed
Customers can also bring their own seed , we propagate for them at an agreed fee

The seedlings are grown in recyclable trays using soilless media and are supported by coordinated labeling and packaging.


At Grace Rock Farm we offer the ultimate solution
Plant Plugging refers to the technique of producing seedlings for the grower. In developed countries, the term nursery bed does not exist in the sense that the plant plugging technology is adopted 100%
Specialized seed care for vegetables is no longer the privilege of large scale farmers.   It   has become necessary for smallholder farmers, to seek professional care for their vegetable seeds in order-, to guarantee maximum germination rates. This is now possible near to you thanks to Grace Rock Farms.

The need to use modern technology in germination of seedlings cannot be overemphasized. This is particularly important if unnecessary crop failure is to be avoided. The conventional methods of growing vegetables from seeds, has demonstrated poor germination rates leading to crop failure. Not only does this impact negatively on the total crop yield, but also results in losses that could easily be avoided given the fact that seeds are expensive, Hybrid seeds are expensive. This means that a farmer can either ruin or maximize on their crop yield, depending on the farming method adopted.

It has been shown that a farmer runs the risk of up to 30% germination failure rate using conventional methods of growing vegetables from the seed. On other hand, vegetable seeds that have been grown using modern technology in greenhouses have a germination success rate of between 85-97%. Grace Rock Farms takes the risk on behalf of the farmer because the farmer will only pay for what has germinated. Our aim is to ensure that the farmer does not get hurt

Would you want to purchase seedlings or use the services of Grace Rock farm? fill your request in the form below and we will be in touch immediately: or call directly via +254-708457170 or +254-722747769 or drop us an email at Or

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