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September 28, 2020


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Passion fruits pests and their control

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Passion Fruits Pests and their Control:

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Pest Pictorial Signs / Symptoms Control measures Dosage Pre – harvest interval (days)
Reds¬† spider mitesBrevipalpus sp –Occur on lower leaf surface between the veins and cause leaves to dry. red-spider-mites4 Uprooting and burning infested plants. Keep the field free of weeds
Mitac 100ml/100L

15 days

Dynamec 10ml/20L

7 days

Mealy bugs Planacoccus kenyae. These are stationary oval shaped, pinkish in colour and covered with waxy thread. mealy-bugs1 Prune and destroy affected parts at the initial stage of infestation.
Remove and destroy heavily infested plants
Karate 20g/20L 3 days
Fruit fly Ceratitis sp fruit-flys1 Decis
Bestox,fastac, 30-50ml/20L 7 days
The fly lays eggs on fruit and causes sunken brown spots .white maggots are found inside the fruit.
Karate 20g/20L 3 days
Lebaycid 120ml/201 21 days
Aphids Aphis sp aphids1 Usually controlled by natural enemies.
Use of broad-spectrum pesticides
Are green in colour and suck sap from tissues. They transmit viruses especially the woodiness virus.
Decis 30-50ml/201 7 days
Ripcord,sherpa,ambush 100m/201 7 days
Karate 20g/201 3 days
Bestox, fastac 30-50ml/20L 7 days
Thrips thrips1 Avoidance of successive planting of susceptible crops.
Attacked plant parts shrivel, flowers & young fruits fall prematurely. Lesions on fruits and distortion of leaves and young shoots Recommended pesticides such as
Actara 10g/20L 14 days
Match 25m/20L 14 days
Dimethoate 20m/20L 21 days
Stink bug stink-bug1 Hand pick and Kill
There are three types of stinkbugs observed in passion fruits in different areas.
Green vegetable bug-Nezara viridula ,Yellow edge stink bug-Nezara pallidocorspasaand Brown stink bug-Boerias maculata Chemicals like decis
They feed by piercing and sucking young fruits.
Pierced areas appear sunken and lowers fruit quality
Nematodes nematodes -Rotate with Cassava, Cereals, Sweet Potato, Onions, Cabbage and Kale.
Are soil inhabitants causing formation of galls or knots on roots, yellowing of leaves , stunting and eventual wilting of the affected plants -Use of Yellow Passion which has tolerant to Nematode for rootstocks.  2g/hole at t/planting
-Use clean planting materials.
-Field hygiene


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