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September 21, 2020


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Your Guide to controlling Fruit Flies -Improved yields with Amiran’s CeraTrap

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Imagine investing your time, resources and efforts into your fruit or vegetable farm and loosing most of your investment to a bite caused by a very tinny creature- the fruit flies. Now imagine you smiling all the way to the market as you present fresh and healthy produce thanks to a control solution for the dreaded fruit flies- Ceratrap.

Fruit Flies are considered one of the most destructive pests of fruits and vegetables in the world. Without control, direct damage has been reposted from 30% to 80% depending on the fruit, variety, location and fruit season. Fruit fly larvae can cause your fruit and vegetables to turn into a soft, mushy mess. Adult female fruit flies lay eggs in the flesh of ripening and ripe fruit and vegetable. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae begins to feed within the fruit, causing it to ripen prematurely, rot and drop to the ground. This damage can make your fruit inedible.

trampa-mosca-frutaCera Trap is an effective, economical and ecological solution for the control of Fruit Flies. The solution introduced by Amiran contains a liquid and trap container. Field proven and tried in Kenya, the liquid hydrolyzed protein bait solution contains amines and organic acids to attract fruit flies inside the trap. The fruit flies then drown in the trap with no means of getting outside the trap.

Already gaining positive responses from farmers, Cera Trap is the only one of its kind in the market, the product is non-specific to any particular fruit fly (male and female) and attracts and kills any destructive fruit flies in a variety of fruit plantations. Providing a solution to many farmers, Cera Trap attracts different fruit flies in mango, citrus, cucurbits and avocadoes. The different flies may include Ceratitis capitata, Ceratitis cosyra, Ceratitis rosa, Bactrocera invadens among others except for the beneficial fauna.

Other than providing a solution to the problem of fruit flies, Cera Trap will;

Increase productivity as fruit flies have been known to destroy fruits. Tackling this problem brings about increased number of fruits reaching the market.

Improve the quality of fruits exported. Cera Trap attracts and kills fruit flies making sure that they don’t lay their eggs beneath the fruit skin leaving marks that reduce the standards for export.

Improves food security through increased production and quality thereby enhancing surplus produce for both local and export use.

Increase fruit value for marketing opportunities which will bring about trade opportunities as the fruits will readily be accepted in diverse markets across borders.


-Broad Spectrum – Cera Trap attracts a wide variety of fruit flies from Ceratitis spp to Bactrocera spp in different plantations including mangoes, citrus, cucurbits and avocadoes. The advantage of Cera Trap is that as much as it captures a wide variety of fruit flies, it respects beneficial fauna.

-100% ecological solution – Friendly to the user and environment as it’s a liquid hydrolyzed protein that has a high attractant power and kills both male and female fruit flies. It’s free of chemicals; insecticides and pesticides. This way farmers don’t have to worry about spraying the plantation as everything happens in the trap, thus no residue is left on fruits.

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