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September 23, 2020


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East Africa Regional Grain Trade Analysis for the Week Ending 25 August 2017

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The Week’s Market Analysis

  • Kenya exported wheat to Rwanda (490MT) and Tanzania (3MT), as it continued to be the leading importer.
  • Uganda’s grain export dominated the week’s regional trade. Most exports went to Kenya (11,874MT). Exports to other EAC countries were Rwanda (741), Tanzania (135) and DRC (63MT).
  • Tanzania’s grain export was mostly to Uganda (1,527MT) and Rwanda (641MT), with significantly lower exports to Kenya (346MT). The exports were mostly sorghum, rice, peas and groundnuts. Sunflower Seed Cake and Maize Brain were the major exports to Kenya. There are numerous unconfirmed reports of Tanzania increasing trade barriers on imports to Kenya, especially from the Southern Africa region. This perhaps explains the increased trade volumes through Uganda, as most traders are reporting the ease of transporting goods to Kenya through Uganda.
  • Rwanda exported grains to Uganda (165MT) and DRC(868MT), mostly maize, wheat, rice, and beans. While some of the wheat may have been imports from Kenya, Rwanda still exported more grain than Kenya during the week.

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The Week’s Market Prices for Select Markets

Table 1 East Africa Region Select Market Price Comparisons. Abbe:-BI- Burundi, KY-Kenya, RW-Rwanda, TZ- Tanzania, UG-Uganda, SS – South Sudan. US$1=Ksh103.25

 The Week’s Market Opportunities:

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Author; Fostina Mani, Betta Grains., Twitter: @FostinaMani.

Acknowledgment:  The data used for the analysis has been obtained from; IAM, Government of Kenya, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries, Government of Tanzania, Ministry of Trade and Industry, EAGC, RATIN, Farm Gain Uganda, FEWS NET,  & Betta Grains. 

Disclaimer. Due to unavailable of data on various border points on formal cross-border trade flows and volumes in the public arena.  The volumes indicated above are mostly from the informal cross-border data that is available to the public.  The purpose of the analysis, is simply to provide an indication of the East Africa Regional Trade flow to SMEs, Smallholder Farmers, and Other Stakeholders in a manner and language that is applicable, simple, and makes sense. Those desiring to obtain actual trade volumes are advised to contact various internationally funded government projects that have been mandated to provide the regional trade data for public good.

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