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Zambezi/Maai Mahiu hydroponics and verticle farming exposure visit

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Maai Mahiu hydroponics and verticle farming exposure visit
Date: 17th September 2016
Theme: Use of soil-less media (hydroponics) and vertical farming to cut down fodder production costs  and enhance efficient agricultural land use
The farm comprises of the following enterprises:
1. Fodder section
In this section, you will learn about hydroponic production of fodder for poultry, cows, rabbits and goats. Most interesting is the production cost of Ksh. 100 per tray. 1 tray can feed 1 cow or 3 goats per day. This helps in significant reduction of  farmer costs  in view of commercial feeds costing an average of Ksh. 360 per day.
hydroponic fodder
hydroponic fodder
2. Vegetables section
Here there is use of both manual and automated hydroponics systems. Lettuce, Leeks, and Tomatoes (Under the A system) production will be demonstrated.
3. Livestock section
In this section, we’ll have a demonstration of pig, cow, rabbit, goats and poultry feeding using the hydroponics fodder.
3. Fruits
Strawberries have become an important export and domestic fruit and as such use of technology in their production becomes imperative. A section on strawberry farming using hydroponics will be showcased. You’ll also learn on growing oranges using the soil less media.
All of the costs of owning and care of a hydroponics system will be explained.
We will also have a comprehensive Q and A session for all present.
Charges for the visit, Kshs 5000/= if using our transport or Kshs 2,500/= if self driving ,payable via mpesa to 0729586748, upon payment, fill in your details in The form below.
The fee caters for:
Transport and facilitation.
Farm charges and training

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