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September 21, 2020


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Tamarillo, Tree tomatoes

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Tamarillo is a shrub (grows up to 4-5m) that grows in a variety of soils with annual rainfall of 600-4000ml. It is commonly known as tree tomato or ‘matunda ya damu’ locally due to their crimson red color. There are various varieties such as Gold-mine, Inca red, Rothamer, Solid gold and Ruby red. A kilogram of these fruits in Kenya goes for Ksh. 80 and can go as much as Ksh.100.
Soil PH requirements: 5 – 8.5
Soil type: light, fertile soils that have good drainage because tree tomatoes do not do well in water logged soils.
Propergation: can be through seeds or cuttings but most farmers in Kenya use seeds.
Want to know more details on pest management, actual propergation, pruning, irrigation, post harvest management and value addition?
We are planning a farm tour to one of the established farms. We are going to sponsor one farmer to learn all the nitty gritty of the tree tomato exposure visit ☺ Be on the look out! (TnCs apply)

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