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George Wainaina August 4, 2016

This exposure visit will be held on 3rd September 2016 and will expose the farmers to the following: Theme: Leveraging on organic farming for healthy living Herbs enterprise The farm boasts of over five main herb varieties; Thyme (common, orange & lemon) Mint (Peppermint & spearmint) Oregano, Stevia, Chia Seed and Flax seed. Herbs are currently […]

Agritours May 28, 2016

Theme: Horticulture for  returns in agribusiness. Juja farm exposure visit Venue: Juja Farm. Date: 16th July 2016 The farm has several enterprise units that are of interest to upcoming and experienced farmers. 1. Greenhouses Cucumber: (6 greenhouses 500gms cucumber seeds @2300 harvesting as much as 1000kgs @Ksh.30 per Kg Capsicums:The farm has  3 greenhouses with Capscicums […]

Agritours March 20, 2016

The Limuru farm exposure  visit was one of a kind, giving more than anticipated to the participants. It was graced by practicing agripreneurs  from diverse and rich backgrounds, willing to share and build each others capacities in a big way. The insightful hands on guide Mr. Ngatia amazed the audience with his all round knowledge […]

Agritours January 12, 2016

Date: 20th February 2016 Venue: Makindu Monthly Theme: Sustainable small scale drip irrigation by use of solar powered pumps for maximum horticultural farm produce Last visit we centered on returns on agribusiness and starting up,(see here this month we shall focus on affordable drip irrigation solutions and affordable energy solutions at the farm. Among the […]

Agritours January 7, 2016

Breeding method It is recommended that A.I. services are used for breeding dairy animals, but good and health bulls can be used where no A.I. services are available. Livestock production officers or other credible vet practitioners should be consulted if breed selection is a problem. Age to Breed A heifer should be ready for service […]

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